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  • Are there any extra fees?
    Extra fees may apply. ​ It's scary, but accidents are a risky business. If the accident is your fault, you're legally liable for paying $100. ​ There is a $125.00 cleaning deposit and cleaning fees for particles like sand and food soil. This can be removed by normal washing and vacuum of the car immediately after the drop off. If there is damage, we will charge this to your card. ​ Smoking is prohibited in vehicles from Blues Car Rental. Smoking or vaping anything is not allowed, including tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes, vapes, etc. This includes smoking in vehicles. Offenders will be fined $125. ​ It is important to make sure that your car is fully fueled when an attendant comes to pick it up. this helps keep gas prices down for our customers, but could result in a charge of $75 if the car is not full.
  • What are the pick-up times for your vehicles?
    Pickup hours for vehicle rentals are 9am-7pm daily. Use the calendar to pick your date and time. ​ Contact us now; get your next ride, on-demand. Pick and drop to and from the airport, hotels etc.
  • How long in advance do I need to book a vehicle?
    No advance booking, no waiting.
  • Are pets allowed?
    No pets allowed in vehicles!
  • What is the Cancelation Fee?
    CAR RENTAL CANCELLATION AND CHANGE POLICY If you have already picked up your vehicle and wish to keep it longer; you must contact our local office for any modifications email us at, Will I be charged if I cancel my reservation? If you prepaid for your vehicle, the following conditions will apply (applicable in USVI) If you cancel your booking more than 14 days before your specified pick-up time, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel your booking less than 7 days before your specified pick-up time, you will not receive a full refund plus a cancellation fee of USD $150
  • Is there a deposit?
    $500 deposit fee if the vehicle rental is a week or less. Contact us now.
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